We were here

2018-03-24 16:42 #0 by: LosGinos

Lost in a frozen wasteland and split up from your partner inside an abandoned castle, the only possession you have left is a walkie-talkie with a familiar voice on the other end. Can the two of you find your way out in time?

I found out about this game yesterday, and something told me that I needed to play it. So, me and my friend teamed up to play We were here. The game takes about 2 hours to play, if you play on both sides. When the game starts, you can be either the adventurer or the librarian. Each of the two has different assigments to do, and you are never in the same room as the other player. The librarian has to guide the adventurer through different puzzles. The game itself has a scary feeling of it, not knowing what will happend next. Can you die, or can't you? Can you solve the puzzles or can't you? It's hard, to not spoil the entire game here for you. But I do reccomend that you play it through, and comment here what your thoughts were on the game. I loved it, every second of gameplay. It's a solid 8/10 from me.


2018-03-25 14:07 #1 by: jordan

I watched a playthrough of this on YouTube recently! I don't think I would be able to describe the hieroglyphics in enough details to my friends to complete it Laughing How difficult did you find them sections?  

2018-03-26 18:07 #2 by: LosGinos

#1. You don't wanna know the words we used to described the words Laughing out loud

2018-03-26 22:49 #3 by: jordan

I can only imagine Laughing out loud


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