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Cities Skylines

2017-05-20 14:49 #0 by: LosGinos

We all know Sim City right? Maybe you have even played Cities XL and XXL, but for me. This is the gold when it comes to city building games. It is an absolute must have in your game Collection. What do you Think?

2017-05-21 12:49 #1 by: Emmy

I bought Cities: Skylines when it was on Steams sale this last autumn, along with the DLCs Snowfall and After Dark. I love this game, and played it non-stop the first few weeks, but then I couldn't keep playing since I have other things to prioritize first hand such as studying, taking care of our horses, sleeping and eating. Laughing On top of all that, my laptop suddenly decided this game was too heavy to play, and therefore I haven't been playing for a couple of weeks (months maybe? I don't really remember..)

But I'd recommend it to anyone who's ever played and enjoyed the old Sim Cities or Sims games, and other creativity games. It's highly educational as well.

- Emmy

Hostess of Guinea Pig Savvity

2017-05-21 13:23 #2 by: LosGinos

#1. A fellow Citizen! Or, Cims as they are called. Do you remember your biggest city? I Think mine is around 80 K. But I delete all my saves every week because I'm never happy with the way the city turned out to be.. I prefer all flat maps, but also the are boring and comes with no challange.. :P


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