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Movie, from a game

2017-05-26 10:21 #0 by: LosGinos

Is there any game out there, that you would love to see as a Movie? Myself, I wan't to see a Movie for the franschise The Legend Of Zelda. I have seen so many teasers on youtube that I actually Think I'm going crazy if I'm not getting a real Movie soon!

2017-05-26 10:49 #1 by: Emo

Tomb Rider. I don't know if there are more than we have seen, but they were very good.
Because I loved Wolfenstein, and have a lot of them (all?) it could been fun to see a movie, too
I have seen one of the LEGO-games as a movie, but the game was much better..

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

2017-05-26 10:56 #2 by: LosGinos

#1. That reminds me. I need to see the new Lego Batman Movie, well it's not new new... But it is from 2017.


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