US Senator to introduce a bill banning lootboxes

2019-05-14 21:38 #0 by: jordan

Senator Josh Hawley is set to introduce a bill in the USA which intends on banning or at least regulating the sale of lootboxes within video games to under 18s. The official title of the bill is the "Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act".

This is the first regualtion of this type that has even been suggested in the USA, and in his statement Hawley stressed how microtransactions have siphoned the attention of children from the real world and developing dangerous habits.

“When a game is designed for kids, game developers shouldn’t be allowed to monetize addiction,” Hawley said. “And when kids play games designed for adults, they should be walled off from compulsive microtransactions. Game developers who knowingly exploit children should face legal consequences.”

Personally I hope some form of legislation goes through, and fast. MTX are already dangerous to adults let alone minors. If something like this was to go through, it would mean developers would have SERIOUSLY change their ways, and develop some player friendly models over pleasing their shareholders.

2019-05-15 08:51 #1 by: Niklas

“Funny” that you bring this up now. I had a discussion with my 8-year old yesterday. Now and then I let him buy iPad games that cost around 5 USD. Before he usually chooses an episode of Minecraft Story Mode, but lately he has bought currency within games. I don’t like the idea of buying fake money with real money. Twice I have let him do it. It felt bad both times.

2019-05-15 22:49 #2 by: jordan

#1 I'm not sure if that type of transaction is covered in this legislature, but I agree completely. There is something gutting about how the game will allow for real money to be exchanged for something that might have no value in a few years time. I do think that the 'lootbox' is the most evil however, as it goes a step further and only grants the player a 'chance' of a valuable item.

2019-05-16 09:28 #3 by: Niklas

#2: I think it might fit in the ”When a game is designed for kids, game developers shouldn’t be allowed to monetize addiction” description. Either way, this is a good step.

2019-05-16 21:46 #4 by: jordan

#3 Yes, I agree. It's also a lot better than what the UK has done, which is quite upsetting.


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