Rockstar launch their own Game Launcher

2019-09-26 22:02 #0 by: jordan

Rockstar, developer of the most successful gaming franchise of all time, have launched their own game launcher on the PC, akin to Steam or Origin.

The Rockstar Game Launcher supports any game developed by themselves, including GTA, Bully, Red Dead Redemption and L.A Noire. What's more is that simply by downloading the launcher Rockstar are treating you to what is (in my opinion), the best game they have ever made!

GTA San Andreas may be 15 years old now, but the game still retains its unique charm, and a memorable story that has produced many a meme so long after the games release.

If you have been living under a rock and have missed the opportunity to play, no is your chance! Just remember, all you have to do is follow the damn train Winking

2019-09-30 10:18 #1 by: Niklas

I like the way you write. You make me interested in things that I am not. 😀

2019-09-30 18:45 #2 by: jordan

Laughing out loud I hope you enjoyed the description! 


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